Can I do yoga with an injury?

Generally speaking, yoga practice can help with neck and shoulder problems, back problems and knee problems, depending on the severity of the injury.  It is vital that you inform your teacher of any injuries or medical conditions, such as high blood pressure (even if medicated) or recent operations at the beginning of class.  You should also tell your teacher immediately if you are in pain or extreme discomfort … don’t try and work through pain without advice.

Can I do yoga when I have my period?

Yes you can, but again you must inform your teacher at the beginning of class, as many poses are unsuitable whilst you are menstruating.  Strong twists and inversions put too much strain on the abdomen and could lead to endometriosis.  There is a special menstrual cycle program with appropriate alternative poses to practice … as long as your teacher knows.

Can I do yoga if I am pregnant?

If you become pregnant and have not practiced yoga before, you must go to a special yoga for pregnancy class as general classes are unsuitable. However, if you are already a regular student with some knowledge of the poses a general class is possible with some knowledge of alternative poses.  You should avoid doing any for the first 12-14 weeks of your pregnancy as there is high risk of miscarriage during the first few weeks. Thereafter it is most important that you take the advice given by your teacher and not put any strain on your abdomen and growing baby.

If you have any other inquiries, please contact me and I will do my best to help.